It’s Okay… To Be a Cold Hearted F*ck

In this week’s episode I’m going to help fill in the feeling cracks in your cold heart so you can avoid the perils of an empathy infestation. 

You shouldn’t have to care about anything that isn’t about you or directly affects you. These issues include the more massive societal problems that plague our world. Who cares about global warming? Social injustice? Some disaster somewhere else in the world you can’t pronounce? Forget all that noise! That’s other people problems. How does any of that directly impact your life? It doesn’t. So save it for the bleeding heart hippies. Apply this rule to your social circles as well. Never allow your friends to drop their crap on you either. The second you lend a helping hand they’ll come flocking back looking for more emotional handouts. Friendship is about two things and two things only: what they bring to help your social standing and helping you with your crap. Not the other way around. Nothing kills a fun night out a restaurant that took two weeks to get a reservation for than listening to your friend’s “whoa is me” drama. Other people’s problems are tiring.

·       “I lost my job.”

·       “I’m getting a divorce.”

·       “I have cancer.”

Blah, blah, blah, I mean honestly, get over it people. Meanwhile, earlier today you had to wait in line for 10 minutes for a latte because they were short staffed at Starbucks because a barista’s mom died. Is there no justice? Ten minutes for latte?? Is this a third world country? Why aren’t you talking about that rather than listening to your friend ramble about their meaningless BS? So you were in a car accident, and you can’t afford to fix it or the physio! Is that why you’re ordering the ceviche as your main? #BuzzKill

Turning your world inward is an essential way for you to protect your wellbeing and sanity by forcing other people in your life to ignore their BS, as well as the world’s BS, and help you deal with your BS. And by help deal with your problems, I mean listen to you complain about your issues while agreeing with you about how unfair life is because as I keep saying; change takes way too much time and effort while being a mediocrity enabler is quick and painless.

Now there is an evil that lurks around your heart trying to find its way in, Empathy. You leave your cold heart unguarded for even a nanosecond you risk it finding a way to weasel into your emotionless soul fortress. Now don’t confuse empathy with sympathy. Sympathy can be used for good use while empathy, as I just pointed out, is the worst.

This emotional yin and yang are two sides of the same coin. Sympathy can give you the illusion that you care, which is great for social media posts and nodding your head in fake sympathetic agreement to shut an empathetic person up. However, empathy is just pure evil. Empathy will invite its friend Gratitude over, which forces you to acknowledge that maybe your life is in fact pretty great. And that leads to the dangerous notion that perhaps you should start caring? That may be what happens around the world, your country, city, or neighbourhood does affect you. That’s an overwhelming feeling, and no one likes to be overwhelmed with anything unless it’s gifts, compliments, or puppies. So be sure to keep your selfish blinders on to prevent the painful experiences of others to shine a positivity spotlight on your life’s current state. Empathy is a disaster. It ruins your ability to complain because suddenly your life isn’t so bad anymore and instead you heart goes out to people and issues that shouldn’t bother you. You go from only wisely caring about you to caring selflessly about others. That’s a massive paradigm shift and one that’s in the wrong direction.

Never use your position, voice, or abilities to help others because feelings are icky. So why overwhelm yourself with the ickiness of other people’s BS by wanting to help others? How will that change things? It won’t. Instead, double down on building your cold-hearted emotional walls higher and higher and let’s make mediocrity great again!

Rob NardecchiaComment