Welcome to the Yes You Can't Academy

The Yes You Can’t Academy is at the forefront in the advancement of mediocrity research. Started in 2016 by Rob Nardecchia, the Yes You Can’t Academy is quickly becoming a leader in ensuring people stay wisely in their comfort zones. The Yes You Can’t Academy is a huge advocate and proponent for complaining and escapism as healthy means of dealing with the onslaught of life’s endless stresses.

The world has been victimized and held hostage for too long by the shackles of self-improvement. The Yes You Can’t Academy aspires to end the tyranny of lies perpetrated by the puppet masters of personal happiness. By doing so we, the Yes You Can’t Academy, intends to free the world from the misleading clutches of motivational rhetoric and the falsehoods of self-development. With an ever-growing understanding of the benefits of our comfort zones, the Yes You Can’t Academy is helping the world recognize we’re already good enough as we are. The key to which is simply embracing our self-perceived limitations.  This ensures more time for living vicariously through others and complaining about the state of our unchangeable lives. 


Rob Nardecchia, founder of the Yes You Can't Academy.