It's Okay... To Let Your Fears Run Wild!

In this week’s episode, I'm going to free you from the dangerous lies perpetrated by Courage and instead encourage you to let your fears keep you safe in your comfort zone instead! Mediocrity for the win again!

Genuinely successful mediocre people wisely compartmentalize their strengths and let their fears run rampant. There’s no need for false bravado to foolishly convince you that you can achieve something just because you have experience being courageous somewhere else in your life. For instance, say you just rocked a huge presentation at work, albeit by fluke, and now you find yourself at the gym completely worried about people rightfully judging you, even though you weren’t worried about being judged while standing in front of all your coworkers, bosses, and prospective clients a few hours ago. Don’t let that confidence cloud your false narrative that you look like an idiot on the elliptical machine, despite everyone else being too busy with their own workout to notice you.

Courage is a precise tool like a screwdriver. You can’t use a Philips screwdriver when you need a Robertson. For example, the courage to ask someone out isn’t the same courage as asking for a raise. Those are two completely different types of courage because one is about money and the other is about love. While the fear of rejection from both is the exact same, therefore allowing your fear of rejection to run wild in your mind and life will prevent you from doing something stupid like asking someone out or thinking you’re deserving of a raise. By embracing your false narratives, you keep yourself locked in your self-perceived limitations so they can protect you from the perils of bettering yourself or your current situation. Self-doubt is the best way to reality check yourself from the disaster of actualizing your delusional dreams. Let your fears protect you. Let them overwhelm your psyche with fictional predictions about a future that hasn’t been written yet.

Sadly there are people out there, let’s call them morons, who believe that you control your own mind. They claim that by employing some mystical and magical ability, which we all apparently have, we can train and direct our brains to do what we want. Hilarious, right? If we could control our mind why do people say their minds have a mind of its own? They say it because it’s true! If you stupidly refuse to believe me, then you think that these people are merely using this scientifically baseless cliché as a means of avoiding the hard stuff in life. That the mind’s unbridled and uncontrollable wandering is actually you sabotaging yourself subconsciously. Okay, even if on the off chance, as remote and improbable as that is, that you might be right, who cares? That means you’re still protecting yourself from impending failure and disappointment! So whether your mind is outside of your control or you’re subconsciously undermining your own success is irrelevant. What really matters is that you’re protecting yourself from the sting of failure.

The first step of failure is believing you can succeed and courage is the root cause of that foolhardy belief. So keep your rebellious notions of success separated and locked away in the prison of your limiting beliefs. Unable to join forces and convince you that you can actually achieve your dreams and live the life you want. By releasing the hounds of fear to chase the door-to-door salesmen of inspiration and happiness away, you save yourself from being forever scarred by disappointment and failure. Ensuring you live a long safe life of “what if” rather than one marred by the tragedy of courage, and who wants to live a life like that?

Rob NardecchiaComment