It's Okay... To Always Expect the Worst

In this week’s episode, I’m going to free you from the lies of hoping for the best and show how always defaulting to the worst case scenario is actually one the most positive ways to live! 

Dreams. Goals. Plans. They’re all fancy, positive spin words for False Hope. They instil that reckless belief that you can achieve what’s in your mind if you only tried and persevered. Sounds romantic doesn’t it? Taking what fills your heart with joy and creating it in reality? But like everything in life there’s always a catch. The sad reality is achieving something important takes work… A lot of work… Not only that but there’s no guarantee you’ll even succeed. In fact, you’re going to fail more than once before you even begin to smell the faintest wafts from the sweet fragrance of your pipedreams. That’s why it’s crucial… CRUCIAL… To always brace yourself for the worst-case scenario because why try with the hope of success blinding you to reality? When you already know deep down, where your fears whisper to your soul that you’ll only going to fail. This is of course soundly based on zero information, other than the worst-case scenario wisely looping in your head warning you of your impending make believe disaster.

By expecting the worst you’ll never be disappointed when your dreams come crashing back to reality in a fireball of embarrassing failure. Defaulting to the worse case scenario always keeps the False Hope that you can change your life in check. Look, what gives you the right to attempt to enter the labyrinth of goals and dreams, armed with the dull blade of optimism and drunk on the arrogance of thinking you have the power and right to accomplish your goals and dreams in the name of personal happiness and fulfillment? Here’s a reality check… The truth is Life has a hit list and you’re at the top of it. If that wasn’t that case why does everything only seem to happen to you? Boom. You’re welcome.

Now don’t despair, simply embrace your worse case scenario and use it like a failure radar. Let it keep fictional crushing disappointment far away from you. Use it. Hone it. And let it grow its range until covers not only your life, but the lives of everyone else in your life as well. No need to invite inspiration into your life via the Trojan horse of one of your friend’s successes. Sure you might be labelled as a bad and unsupportive friend, co-worker, or family member, but remember all great visionaries were once ridiculed for their forward thinking wisdom as well.

If you’ve already mastered the ability to foresee your lurking fictional failure and you’re looking to take your self-sabotaging to the next level, try stacking your worse case scenarios like a five-layer bean dip of anxiety. Who doesn’t like bean dip? No one, that’s who. Just keep stacking more and more layers of panic and doubt as your scenarios continually get worse and worse until they finally start consuming your entire being, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Then you can enjoy the worst case scenario benefits of stress headaches, tight muscles, back issues, sleepless nights, an inability to focus on the true reality of your current situation, passive aggressive outbursts, ulcers, and so much more! All the while draining you of what little positivity you have left in you as your soul becomes a raging dumpster fire of self-defeatism.

For instance, say you really like someone and every fibre of your being desires to ask them out but in your head all you see is them publicly rejecting you as fulfill your self-prophecy of dying alone. Don’t allow the real connection that you and them truly share cause your heart to blind you from the panic in your head.  Heed the wisdom of your future predicting negativity and keep your heart safe and sound in the walled fortress of your soul. Imagine from afar and lament publicly about how you can never find love. Game. Set. Match. Mediocrity! See how easy that is?

The bottom line is allowing yourself to be willingly handcuffed to a fictional and probably far fetched outcome keeps you safe from the possibility, even if it’s faint possibility, of failing. Remember it’s called you’re your comfort zone for a reason! So splash another coat of limiting beliefs on the walls, kick back, relax, and wait for your new BFF future regret to show up with an extra large pizza to emotionally eat! Now that’s what I call living the dream.

Rob NardecchiaComment