It's Okay... To Refuse to Try

In this week’s episode, I’m going to free you from the BS of trying to create your own happiness and encourage you instead to embrace your self-perceived limitations! You’re welcome in advance.

We’ve all been in these situations before...

·      Your goals aren't working out the way you had planned 

·      Chasing your dream is actually really hard

·      You’re not sure what to do next and you’re feeling stuck

·      You know what you have to do but you’re too scared to do it

When we experience these various situations the common reaction is the sudden emotional surge of feeling overwhelmed. When your mind is suddenly flooded with indecision, doubt, uncertainty, and failure. It’s a tsunami of limiting beliefs. But fear not! This is actually a good thing. This is your mediocrity grabbing control of your mind and saving you from impending fictional disaster! The worst thing you can do in a moment like this is to rashly attempt something to change your situation. You have no idea if you’re choosing the right path or solution! To be honest, you’re probably just going to make things worse. So the best thing you can do is simply nothing. Just plant yourself where you are and refuse to budge as you bask in the searing heat of stress and frustration that is Satan’s hot tub.

It’s more prudent to simply wait for a magical solution come to you rather than trying to create one yourself. Whether it’s someone else showing up to do it for you or someone just handing you exactly what you want, it’s better to double down on your refusal to try and wait for your solution to find you instead. That way when it never shows up you can simply blame the unfairness of life rather than your refusal to try.

You know you’re venturing down the dark path of trying when you have a physical push back when you attempt to accomplish a goal or actualize a dream. That hesitation is your body hammering on the brakes and it should always be heeded. That’s your mediocrity telling you that you’re about to leave the safe confines of your stifling comfort zone. Instead let that frustration build up inside of you as you wisely continue to avoid taking that next brazen step. And when your anger tank is full simply unleash hell to empty it.

As many of you know I’m a hug proponent of passive aggressive outbursts as a means of dealing with your unnecessary frustrations at life and avoiding trying is one of the quickest ways to fill your anger tank. Snapping at non-related people and things helps you release your toxic negativity in a controlled healthy manner.

A good trick to employ is instead of trying, simply distract yourself with something that isn’t related to your goals and dreams. There’s nothing worse than just sitting there, that’s a complete waste of prime procrastination and denial time. So latch on to something quick and easy to give you that short-term boost of artificial happiness! It’s a sugar rush for the soul. Just ignore that nagging voice of so called reason in the back of your head telling you to push through the paper-thin feelings of being overwhelmed and that simple action will defeat doubt, fear, and complacency. Eff that noise! Sabotage yourself right out of the gate. You should be writing? Check out social media instead and live vicariously through everyone else. You want to go to the gym? Order a pizza and promise yourself you’ll go to the gym “tomorrow”, because as we all know tomorrow never comes. Trying to get your resume together to apply for your dream job? Watch Netflix and half ass your resume sparring you from the embarrassment of making a fool of yourself in the interview.

Look we all know what we should be doing but the thought of even taking that first step is equivalent of trying to fight a hungry tiger with a plastic spoon. That would just be stupid, just like chasing your dreams and happiness.

As I often say, trying is the number one cause of failure. If you don’t try, failure can never be sneak into your life. That’s mediocrity science 101. By refusing to try you’re simply acknowledging your self-perceived limitations and embracing the painful status quo of your changeable life. By avoiding trying you’re wisely picking the devil you know rather than the unknown because you already know how to numb and blame this daily pain away. Trying invites new types of stress and failure into your life, stress and failure you’ve never experienced and don’t know how to deal with. This new pain is intense and requires even more trying to eliminate it, which then invites even more new pain in your life. It’s a vicious circle of failing. Is trying really worth the price of creating happiness in your life?

Rob NardecchiaComment