It's Okay... You Can Start Living Tomorrow!

In this week’s episode, I’m going to take the pressures of “living your life now” off your weary shoulders and tell you why putting your goals and dreams off till “tomorrow” is one of the safest way to avoid the sting of failure and the high maintenance demands of happiness. 

Never start until things are absolutely perfect. That’s the only way to ensure you avoid failure.

You need new gym shoes before you can start going to the gym but they have to be the right pair because your current gym shoes are only used for errands and you need your new shoes to be pure and reflective of your new journey.

You need a full day off to properly dive into your writing because that’s the only way you think you can write.

You need the perfect conditions in your life before you can start dating again that way you can find the perfect partner at the perfect time and have the perfect relationship.

These are all valid reasons why you don’t need to start today. Wait until everything is in place and then you’ll be ready to start. That’s the beauty that tomorrow provides. A perfect clean slate to begin whatever it is you wish to achieve or become. The promise of Tomorrow is a powerfully tool. Because by putting your dreams in the hands of tomorrow allows you to not only seem like you’re being proactive but, as I’ve often said, with the added bonus of never having to start, since as we all know, tomorrow never actually comes.

Today is wrought with pitfalls that escalate your chances of failure in your desperate attempt to try and actualize your happiness, goals, and desires for a better life today. A better solution is to live for tomorrow by living for others today. Now don’t confuse this with servitude where you go out into the world in order to make it a better place and by doing so you’re deepening your sense of gratitude from the power of giving. That’s a terrible idea. What I mean is you make everyone a bigger priority than you. Leaving you no time in your crammed stress filled life to do what you want. That way you can be a martyr for your happiness and you can then blame everyone else for taking advantage of your kindness, or as I call it “charitable procrastination”, when you’re old and miserable.

However be vigilant and never let others tell you to start now when you can tell someone else to start instead. It’s way easier to tell other people to start today because there’s no pressure on your end. It’s all on them. As the saying goes it’s always better to give (pressure) than to receive (pressure). The trick though is to plant a little seed of doubt into their head. The last thing you want is to accidentally encourage someone and they actually succeed. For instance…

·      "You should totally ask so and so out! Even with your hair looking the way it does."

·      "I say go to the gym today! … Even though you have no idea what you’re doing."

·      "Start your blog! Even if you don’t have anything interesting to say cause no one is going to read it."

This is called supportive tethering and it’s an essential mediocrity tool. You’re being supportive but at the same time you’re still keeping the person safely tied to their comfort zone. Now positivity cults would refer to this as being passive aggressive but that’s merely them trying to put a negative spin on ensuring no one in your life foolishly tries to inspire you.

Starting today means failing today and the next day and the next day and so and so on. Who wants to have a lifetime of that? Whereas never trying means searing regret at the end when it’s too late and out of your control, so who cares at that point? Just sit back and lament how unfair Life is and if you could do it all over again you’d do things differently.

If anything use the power of your dreams to pull you through the thick muddy rut of your life and never attempt to pluck that dream from the wish tree in your mind for it will get bruised and stained by the cruelty of reality.

So put on your favourite inspiring song and let your mind dance with the power of what your life could actually be like and when the song ends, take a deep breath, feel that surge of purpose and focus grow inside you, and then safely save that inspiration for tomorrow. Just ignore the long term ticking of time and throw away your seemingly limitless seconds now, oblivious to the passage of time. You have all the time in the world… until you don’t. And at that point there’s nothing you can do other than allow the burning fire of regret to keep your cold dead dreams warm.

Rob NardecchiaComment