5 Benefits of Escapism to Instantly Avoid the Pressures of Reality!

Reality is hard work. The pressures of your job, your relationships, your kids, and pretty much everything else, are a nonstop cycle of unrelenting demands. So who has time to go to the gym? Or pursue their passion? Or network their dream career? Thankfully there’s a much better way to instantly feel positive and ignore the negativity of adulthood… Escapism. Research shows that by merely imagining yourself doing something that makes you happy will in fact make you happy!

Here are five amazing benefits of escapism that you can implement into your life right now so you can immediately start reaping its amazing denial packed rewards!

1.   It’s Free!

Pursuing your ideal body, career, or whatever else takes money, a lot of money. Whereas escapism is free! Say you’ve always wanted to go see Paris but you keep telling yourself you can’t afford it. Go there now! Close your eyes and picture yourself basking in the sun under the Eiffel Tower sipping on a glass of Bordeaux with a gorgeous Parisian! When you’re done, open your eyes, and check out your credit card debt. Do you see a plane ticket to France, a hotel room, or the purchase of a beret? Nope. Nothing. And yet you now have a lifetime of memories of your trip to France. Vive la escapism!

2.   You Instantly Feel Better!

As I’ve already stated, the benefits of escapism are instant. Say instead of going to France you have a co-worker who’s really grinding your nerves. Let’s call her Janice. Janice, who’s barely tolerable at the best of times, is suddenly full-on-uber-annoying. But you can’t say anything because everyone in the office will think you’re being mean because her cat is sick and she’s just in a bad place. Now close your eyes and imagine yourself ripping into Janice and her sick cat. How does that make you feel? I bet you’re smiling. Why? Because it feels great to let Janice know she’s annoying and no one cares about her sick cat. Now notice how all of your co-workers are looking at you with admiration for being brave enough to tell Janice to shove her cat in her pie hole. The next thing you know your boss is giving you a raise with no added responsibilities and Fridays off. Would this happen in real life? Nope. In the real world you’d be labeled as a jerk and instead you’re forced to internalize your misplaced anger at the world in silence until you explode in a passive aggressive super nova.

3.   You Can Never Fail!

There’s nothing worse than trying and failing. But here’s an often over looked fact: the number one reason why people fail is because they try. That’s the beauty of escapism! You never need to try because you’re creating it all in your head! You’ve always want to be actor or actress and walk the red carpets but you don’t want to have to go through the hellish years of honing your craft, bouncing from rejection to rejection, and living the life of a starving artist. Who would? Skip it all in your head and just go straight to the fame and fortune and enjoy the fruitful bounty of your imaginary labour. Look at how proud you are strutting on that carpet and how happy your mom and dad look as they bask in happiness of you finally achieving your life long dream!

4.   There’s No Effort Involved!

All you need is you to enjoy the infinite possibilities of escapism. You don’t need to go back to school for four years, or spend thousands of dollars on starting a business that will probably fail, or the emotional toll of putting your art (whether it’s singing, acting, dancing, writing, or painting) out there for the world to cruelly and rightfully judge. Don’t even get me going on risking your heart in the name of finding true love. With the power of escapism you can enjoy all of that in one day! You can find true love, see the world together, and be on the cover of Forbes while you ride a crammed bus on your commute home from your mundane job that’s slowly killing your soul. And best of all, there’s an infinite supply of other effortlessly glorious adventures just waiting in your mind for you to enjoy!

5.   No Reality Allowed!

Escapism is reality repellent, meaning reality isn’t allowed to step in and ruin your fun. If you want to have superpowers, you can have superpowers; there’s no wet blanket of reality to tell you that’s impossible. Or if you want to start a charity to help make the world a better place there’s no voice in your head telling you there’s no money in helping other people and you’ll probably need a charity to help feed your own family in the end. Simply close your eyes and boom… You’re flying around the world using your super power of flight helping disadvantaged children. You’re like a Santa Superman. So on behalf of the planet, thank you for your fictional failure free heroism!

But please be careful, you can easily be seduced by the power of escapism. It can fool you into believing that you should actually do something about your unchangeable life. This alluring glimmer of inspiration is really false hope and it will only lead you to a lot of work with extra demands and in the end you’ll be rewarded with failure. So use escapism properly by only employing it as your anti-reality pill when the pressures of life become too much. They say happiness begins within and escapism is the key to setting your inner happiness free by never attempting to foolishly create real happiness!

As always my Friends… Yes. You. Can’t!