Season 4 

Frankie shares the true meaning of Easter... That he pieced together from his parents... Sorry, Jesus. 

Frankie's grandpa comes for a visit and Frankie learns about his family tree and the literal value of family.
Frankie final got Pokemon Go on his phone but his Dad is still scoring more.
Frankie learns the meaning of "trick or treat" when his racist grandpa and him accidentally crash his parent's Halloween party. NSFW
Today is election day at Frankie's school but he's having a hard time deciding who would be a better class President?
Frankie confronts his former best friend Todd after he changed and became popular.
Frankie and his family get together for Thanksgiving and Uncle Carl makes a new friend.
Frankie learns about Life with the help of a special scientist by the name of Ryan Gosling.
Frankie comes home from his politically correct holiday assembly to find Santa in trouble but thankfully Frankie won't let his dad ruin Christmas!
The dramatic conclusion of how Frankie saves Christmas! You're welcome planet earth.
Frankie's dad finds out his favourite gas station coffee shop has been turned into a hipster farmer's market.
Frankie's mom wants to go reopen her daycare but Frankie's dad says that just means they'll have to pay taxes. So Frankie's dad comes up with a compromise...
Frankie learns that Karma, and more importantly his mom, are not to be messed with.