Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

So, right now I’m feeling a tad overwhelmed. I have goals. I have aspirations. I have a deep urge inside of me to step out of my comfort zone and stop living small. But I’m hesitating. I’m allowing the amazing possibilities bubbling inside of my soul to overwhelm me and keep me rooted in my fear and doubt. How does that make sense? The power of living my dreams is also the weight that keeps me down? When in fact the power of my dreams and goals should elevate me to the life I know I ca] live.

It’s quite interesting forcing myself to sit in this feeling. The soothing whispers of my comfort zone to distract myself is incredibly strong. But I’m resisting that pull to check out social media, randomly google something, and live vicariously through daydreaming instead of actualizing what I want.

By keeping my dreams down and inside me, it’s a backwards way of keeping them safe. Like having a flower but keeping it in the dark because you’re worried the sun is too bright. .

I saw an interesting post on Instagram (while clearly procrastinating), and it’s stuck with me for the past week. Almost becoming a subliminal mantra…

I always default to my current situation and how frustrating it is rather than working on real solutions. As we all know, it’s way easier to complain rather than act. My podcast explores this from a more satirical point of view. FYI, if you haven’t subscribed yet how dare you! I mean it’s literally a click away from here!  

The fact is we all struggle, no one is perfect, we all have bullshit, and we all have self-created barriers in our lives. Even the people we look up to. By remembering and repeating this post, especially out loud, helps refocus my mind. The only barriers that I’m facing are the ones I’m creating. So it’s time to start using that creativity on behalf of my dreams.

Rob NardecchiaComment